Candles - Soy Wax V's Paraffin

December 8, 2017



A few weeks ago I called into a Barbershop and noticed that they had candles in their retail cabinet for sale. They were using these so called 'Barbershop' candles in the shop in order to help their sales. I was glad to see candles in the shop, as more & more Barbershops across the UK are selling candles, although, I'm really angry that companies are producing candles which are so toxic and without warning. Burning one of these candles is the equivalent to starting the car in your lounge room and just letting it run.

I see candles as a therapeutic experience and I have my children exposed to the fragrance. It's disgusting that these companies are fooling us all.

Paraffin wax is the most commonly used wax in the candle industry. It's also the final by-product in the petroleum refining chain. It's been described as 'bottom of the barrel' even after asphalt is extracted. The emissions released when a paraffin candle is burned are basically the same as is given off by burning diesel fuel.

On the other hand, candles made from soy or sustainable palm wax produce approximately a tenth of the soot produced by a comparably sized paraffin candle and do not contain any of the toxic materials. Soy also burns at a lower temperature and for longer.

Surprisingly, some off the high end brands that use paraffin wax are in many big retailers and most probably in your home. 

Please check that any candles that are being burnt in your house or shop are not made from paraffin wax. If the label does not say that they are made of Soy wax, think twice!

























I read an article that stated "Tests completed in 2001 revealed that paraffin wax contained 11 compounds which are classified as dangerous, some even classed as carcinogenic. One compound, carbon tetrachloride, can lead to liver, kidney, and central nervous system damage when experienced in chronic amounts. The American Lung Association has even issued warnings regarding the burning of paraffin candles as a common, unrecognised cause of poor indoor air quality."

Usually the paraffin candles have a synthetic fragrance too which means that you are breathing in another carcinogenic ingredient.

Predominately Soy wax candles use essential oils which are natural and non toxic.

The best way to be safe is to buy natural soy wax candles.

The company that we at Squire Hair entrust to produce or handmade Soy wax candles are The Little Vintage Candle Company. A UK based artisan company that hand-pour all of their candles, using only Soy wax and fine fragrances. They have an amazing range, from home candles, speciality bespoke wedding candles and Wax melts.

I hope the bigger companies that are using paraffin wax change to soy in the future, in the mean time double check whats really filling your home when you light a candle.


If you have any questions about our amazing handmade candles, please feel free to contact us at



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