What is 'The Foam'?

August 22, 2018



I often get customers asking me about The Foam. What actually is it? How would I use it? So, with this in mind, each month, I will put a blog post out on a different product, then, we will move on to tutorials on using the products.


When developing the Squire range with our chemist, we didn't just show up at the labs and say, we want a Clay, a Cream, a Pomade, a Foam etc etc, we actually sat down and discussed how we could make a product from scratch that would be good for a multitude of styles. It would be so easy to have a 'White Label' product, but, why would you do that if you are putting your name to it? Why have a product that is no different from what you can buy on shelves in retail stores? You are not doing yourselves or anyone that uses that product any favour. No, it was important to me to ensure that the products were made from the best ingredients and that they were unique.


I had used a mousse for may years, however, i didn't like the crispy feel it left in the hair, especially when you had blow-dried it in. I always got told by customers that they had to expect the crispy/sticky feel that the mousse gave them if they wanted to achieve that style! With this in mind, I wanted to change the perception and I wanted a mousse type product that would look good for men.


We spent months working on how to ensure that there was no sticky residue and that when applied it didn't make a crunch in the hair!


With the persistence and the knowledge of a fantastic chemist, we got it just how we wanted.








  • Non-Aerosol

  • Lightweight

  • Medium hold

  • Conditions

  • Volumises the hair

  • Can be cocktailed with other products



The Foam is a perfect all-rounder. Put on damp hair, rub into root area and massage in before blow-drying. This will give you a more natural finish, or, you can add The Clay, The Cream, The Pomade or The Fibre for a stronger hold/more defined touch. All of the Squire range of products are designed to work with each other.


I often use The Foam in my beard. Yes, I use The Beard Oil every day, however, The Foam gives my beard that hold and volume that it needs sometimes. This was a tip that I got from my own barber, who said that he tried it on a client once and now he uses it on every client that has a beard and not to mention that it smells amazing too!



If you have any questions regarding this, or any of our products, please feel free to contact us, we'll be happy to discuss them with you. Keep watching for offers and more publications on other products.



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